This 76+ Acre Property On The North Shore Of Lake Travis Is Truly a Commercial and Residential Developers Bonanza

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Developers do yourself a favor and click on the Features/Articles/Videos tab and read the Properties Features & Amenities section, then click on the article by “US Builders Review” that featured the “Red Red Wine Estate” aka “Cala Zarca” property in two different articles. In those articles and numerous other articles that the property has been featured in over the years you will learn about the extensive underground water, three-phase electricity, high-speed internet/WIFI, security system, etc. infrastructure, paved roads and LED grounds lighting that are in place throughout the property that will substantially supplement both commercial and residential developments.


This one of a kind property also has many commercial and residential developer entitlements already in place that are not referenced on this website which add millions of dollars in value. The six million gallon pool, cabana, exotic landscaping and numerous cascading waterfalls throughout the property can be used as common areas in both a commercial or residential development. The property has over ¼ mile of lakefront in one of the deepest coves on the lake and is totally unrestricted and can be replatted into as many lots as desired.

The North Shore of Lake Travis is on fire with high-end developments of every kind. It’s truly the “Last Frontier” on this unparalleled Texas lake.

According to the Austin Business Journal’s staff writer Daniel Salazar in his Feb. 22, 2019 article… “The Austin area has seen more proportionate growth from net migration than any other major U.S. metro since 2010. The Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area’s population has grown, on average, by 55,500 people annually since that year. That’s a staggering rate of 152 people per day”

The Austin Business Journal also predicts that the Austin/Dallas economies will lead Texas in the next 20-plus years.


In April of 2019 The Crunchbase Daily News reported… “In 2018 the Austin Chamber of Commerce recorded 46 relocations to the Austin area, with that number not including companies opening second offices, and Apple, Amazon and Google who have announced major expansions over the past few months. Those 46 relocations translated into 9,424 new jobs in the city last year. That compares to 51 relocations in 2017 leading to 3,050 jobs.”

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To name just a few other companies who have recently moved into Travis County;  Zoho, a Microsoft Office cloud competitor who established their headquarters in South Austin with the purchase of 375 acres of land and will create 440 jobs, London A I start up Imandra led by LiveOak Venture Partners, E-Cigarette Unicorn Juul Labs will hire 48 locals, online residential brokerage REX, with 28 current employees with plans to double that by years end. The list goes on and on. To get the full gist of just how rapidly Travis County is growing with new businesses and people moving in, Google the subject!


Travis County is wide open for new development, especially the North Shore of Lake Travis. Downtown Austin is exploding with new high-rise buildings that can’t keep up with the demand for housing or business. Many people, especially those with families who are moving to the area in droves are looking for housing on the outskirts of Austin. Cala Zarca is in the heart of the most desired residential location for not only families but also retirement age people. It is also ideal for resort and business destinations that are moving to the area.


A quick due diligence of the North Shore of Lake Travis will show that this is the next area that is ripe for all sorts of development opportunities; To include residential, business and resort destinations.