Boat Dock Living Quarters

  • Master Bedroom: ipe floor, wall hung T. V. , full bath, full closet with porthole window, ladies make-up station, work desk with a granite top and granite sitting bench that incorporates a printer and computer, large sliding doors that open onto the third level deck. Separating the staircase and bed is a 36" free standing wall that is capped with a limestone slab that was specially cut by the quarry in Round Rock, TX to a thickness of 1.5" and to the unique shape of the wall. On top of the limestone slab is a mosaic type winding river scene that incorporates numerous limited edition fish and frog bronze powder coated castings by the renowned artist Tim Cotterill. The bed frame and headboard was custom built on site out of ipe.Three of the exterior walls are equipped with large windows to view both Lake Travis and the cascading waterfalls behind the dock that are lit with numerous multi-colored LED fiber optic lights.

  • Bunk House: ipe floor, wall-hung T. V., ladies make-up station, ample wall and bench storage, round porthole window, (2) standard size, (2) oversized bunk beds with the look and feel of bunks that you would find on a luxurious yacht.

  • Kitchen: ipe floor, full kitchen and accessories, wall-hung T. V. , granite topped dining bar, chair and matching sofa with extendable leg supports, two large sliding glass doors that open onto the second level.

Boat Dock Outdoor Amenities

  • Utility Room: ipe floor, heated and cooled, (600) lb. per day ice machine, washer / dryer, refrigerator / freezer, air compressor, food and beverage storage, attic storage.

  • Lower Deck: ipe floor, outdoor European tiled shower and restroom, granite wet bar with fiber optic lighting (with rotating colors), huge BBQ and rotisserie, bar mounted double gas burners, microwave, stainless steel sink and food prep. table, "BIG ASS FAN ", high volume misters, 8' x 16' separate floating sun deck and guest boat docking station with an ipe deck. (1) Covered boat slip capable of docking and lifting (via submersible air lift) a (40') cabin cruiser, (1) Covered boat slip capable of lifting (via drive on lift) a (16') boat. The two slips currently incorporate a "400 SS Formula" (40') Cabin Cruiser, and a (16') 250 H.P. Scarab Jet Boat. The lower deck also incorporates (3) multi receptacle (50) amp. power pedestals to allow full service docking of three large boats. 

  • Second Level Deck: ipe floor, accessible from kitchen, lake ladder, and the stairs from the lower deck, (2) A -frame cable swings for guests entertainment that launch from this deck level and drop the swingers into the lake from an elevation of ten feet. Beautiful view of Lake Travis.

  • Third Level Deck: ipe floor, accessible from the master bedroom, bunkhouse and the second level spiral stairs, shaded with a round breeze generating canopy. This deck offers a grand view of Lake Travis.

  • Stucco with a tile roof. Outdoor shower, urinal for the guys, sun deck, shaded deck, porch swing, hammock, huge BBQ pit and rotisserie, bar mounted double burners, fish fryer, shaded bar area, outdoor sink and numerous kitchen amenities, high volume misters,

  • (2) "BIG ASS FAN's", ipe deck and boardwalk to pool, LED lighting (with rotating colors) on deck and boardwalk, hammock, chiminea, storage area behind cabana. Exotic landscaping and lighting encompasses the cabana, pool, and palapa area.


  • Heated and cooled, tile floor, restroom and sink, changing room with baskets for personal belongings, washer and dryer, refrigerator-freezer, microwave, sound system for cabana-pool area, hand / face washing lavatory, fold out sofa.

Largest Privately Owned Freshwater Pool in Texas

  • Over one acre, gunnite bottom, diving rock with lit deep area, sandy beaches, three water falls, wading area all the way to twenty one feet deep, a swim to floating deck with ladder and ipe decking, under water variable color fiber optic lighting, poolside Palapa, lit volleyball area in pool, several sitting pools between the water falls Grotto and pool.

  • Over one acre, gunite bottom, diving rock with lit deep area, sandy beaches, three waterfalls, wading area all the way to twenty one feet deep, a swim to floating deck with ladder and ipe decking, underwater variable color LED lighting, poolside palapa, lit volleyball area in pool, several sitting pools between the waterfalls grotto and pool.

The Waterfalls Night Shots

  • Nature Walk: Follow the hand laid native limestone walkway into a natural ravine where you will find a picnic area that has several natural waterfalls that run year round and are fed with numerous cold water springs.

  • Abundant Wildlife: Numerous wild birds that include screech owls, dove, quail, hawks, cranes, deer, turkey, panthers, bobcats, gray fox, silver fox, raccoons, squirrels, rock squirrels, and several species of water turtles.

Nature Walk


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  • Security System: State of the art high tech. security system and cameras that are located throughout the property and operated with smart technology via WIFI.

  • WIFI: There is WIFI throughout the property which is supported by AT&T ultra high speed internet service (100 meg down / up)

  • Lighting: Every light on the property inside and out, in the waterfalls and in the trees have recently been upgraded to LED smart technology lighting. The lighting system is fully integrated and app / WIFI controlled. All lights can be changed to every color in the spectrum and be set on any desired color or be programmed to fade from one color to another automatically. They can also be timer controlled via app.

  • Sound System: The Cala Zarca sound system at the boat dock, cabana and pool area was recently upgraded and is state of the art and controlled by "Control 4" technology.

  • Lovers Look Out: This area has a spectacular view of Lake Travis and is located adjacent to the parking area above the boat dock parking area. Located here under three very large patriotic flags is a cold water jacuzzi that is at the top of the boat dock waterfalls and is beautifully accented with underwater colored LED lighting. The (600) GPM water stream that feeds the boat dock falls originates in the center of the jacuzzi and perpetuates a bubbling massaging action unequaled by any jacuzzi anywhere. The water originates deep from the bottom of the lake and is spine chilling cold. While watching the sun set on a (100) degree plus sultry Texas day in this bubbly jacuzzi with a a glass of champagne in one hand and your lady in the other; it's hard to imagine a better place to be!

  • Parking: There is ample paved parking throughout the property at the various high activity areas.

  • Grotto: It's located at the origin of the pool waterfalls and is lit with varied color LED lighting and has a crescent shaped kissing bench tucked romantically away behind the falls. This is where I took my showers while building the project (when the temperature allowed) before the property had city water.

  • Strategic Tree and Fiber Optic / LED Grounds Lighting: Throughout the property and at the pool, dock, and waterfalls.

  • Oak Trees: There are several varieties throughout the property.

  • Roadways: There are over four thousand feet of concrete and asphalt flat curbed roadways throughout the property.

  • RV Hookups: There are three full RV hookups (water, power, sewer) with flat, paved parking on the estate grounds, one has a shaded concrete patio BBQ area that over looks Lake Travis.

  • Sprinkler Systems: There are thousands of feet of lake fed sprinkler systems throughout the property.

  • Three Phase Power: Powers the water pumps and there is ample service for future use including a large home, guest house, ranch house for grounds keeper and a commercial size shop.

  • Waterfalls: There are four man-made falls and numerous spring-fed natural waterfalls.

  • Security System: Located throughout the property with remotely controlled (via Internet) cameras.

  • Helipad: There is a helipad conveniently located on the property.

  • Tram: The commercial grade tram hauls people and supplies from the boat dock parking area to the boat dock and is automated to stop when it reaches the ramp of the dock and the upper deck area.

  • Utility Building: This structure is stucco with a tile roof and concrete floor, AC / Heated, (600) lb. per day ice machine, refrigerator, supply racks / shelves for food and supplies. All utilities, i.e., power, security, communication and water pumps, are controlled in this building.

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aka the Red Red Wine Estate